A Great Breakfast at Tuning Fork Cafe, Bayfield, CO

Due to CenturyLink not being able to fix internet outages quickly, I’m obligated to work out of coffee shops. Due to the nature of me needing a break from Durango, I decided to venture into Bayfield and explore our neighboring town. I’m now living up by the Vallecito / Lemon junction anymore, so Bayfield is really just as close to me as Durango.


Small Town Atmosphere

Durango ain’t exactly a metro or anything, but it’s a decent size larger than Bayfield and the surrounding communities. Aside from that, Durango always has the influx of college kids attending Fort Lewis College. That constantly adds new faces to the mix. Bayfield and Ignacio isn’t as affected by that quite as much.

Everyone hanging out at the bar in the restaurant knows each other and engages in conversation. The owner is nice and remembered my name just from taking my order. He lives in Forest Lakes and is familiar with the old Haggards and the set of cabins owned by my family. We talked some about the history of the area around Vallecito and Lemon, which is always cool as I wasn’t around for a good chunk of it.

I’m lucky to find this gem, as I’m really trying to avoid Durango for a bit. With all the drama from being a landlord, having to deal with a family business and the fact that I’ve lived in Durango for way too long (in my opinion), Durango feels smaller than Bayfield to me.

It’s always nice to get out of Dodge.

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