Best #ILoveObama Presidents Day Tweets

I just noticed that the hashtag #ILoveObama is trending on Twitter. I knew this was going to be fun the second I seen it. Sure as shit the hashtag got hijacked. Here are the best #ILoveObama tweets!


By the way, I’m a proud Libertarian, not a Republican. I’ve been called A Republican troll too many times today. I’m a Libertarian troll. Get it right!


Best Anti-Obama #ILoveObama Tweets


Best Pro-Obama #ILoveObama Tweets

There’s a lot of reasons I put tweets here. Most of them are Tweets about Obama loving the troops (Benghazi doesn’t count guys), lowering gas (Saudi Arabia), unemployment going down (fracking) or womens contraceptives (men aren’t covered. If men were covered it’d be a “war on employers paying for contraceptives” and not a “war on women”, which suites the Democrats better) 




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