Cedar Networks / Centurylink Week Long Outage


Cedar Networks / Centurylink Week Long Outage

I’m currently sitting in the Tuning Fork Cafe in Bayfield, Colorado, working over their wifi as I’ve got no internet or phone at my place currently. As great of an opportunity it is to get out of the house and explore Bayfield (I’m taking a break from Durango), it’s still a ridiculous inconvenience.

I’ve currently been staying with my family who owns a number of units up Florida / County Road 240. Some of the properties are within the Aspen Trails subdivision. Aspen Trails was grating the roads when they split the cable. This was a week ago.

A CenturyLink crew has already came out and reburied the broken lines, but without remedying the problem. The crew came out a matter of days after the event. I don’t know whether they thought the problem was resolved by burying the broken likes, whether it was a safety precaution or what. You would have assumed the crew would have been back out there the next day trying to resolve the issue. Guess not. I guess they didn’t assume that it’d turn into some negative bloggage.


Kinda Sucks When You Work From Home

When I’m not working on client projects, I’m blogging and doing other “internet monetization” stuff. Not having internet for a week is a huge inconvenience for me. Even when I’m not rocking client projects, I still need to monitor my email. Mobile phone not so much, as everyone’s aware that I don’t have reception up at “The Cabins”. Email is essential though. So, I’ve been hanging around the coffee shops and other wifi-friendly locations just for that matter.

Throws me out of whack, as I’m used to smoking blunts and doing my daily workout routine while doing whatever else I need to do during the day. I guess one could say that this is even having a negative impact on my health, due to not exercising. I am saving money by not smoking as much marijuana though.


Not My First Horrible Experience With CenturyLink

Unfortunately, this isn’t my first horrible experience with CenturyLink. A year or two ago I went to signup for the service. During the sales phone call, I was never informed that CenturyLink doesn’t offer cable internet, and that I would have to install something to be able to use their service. CenturyLink stated that a starter kit was going to be in the mail and people would be by to set things up.

I never received the starter pack and the crew never came by to hook up the internet. I received my first invoice before I even had internet.


Durango, CO CenturyLink Office Abandoned?

I’m the type of person that prefers to settle things like this in person. CenturyLink has a Durango office in Bodo Park. I stopped by the office multiple times and never once was there any sign of life. I’m assuming that it’s just used for storage basically and all the employees are driving around doing “phone and internet things” all day. Which isn’t any trouble, but they really shouldn’t even advertise their local office. Creates a poor customer experience when people actually drive by.


CenturyLink Refunded / Cancelled Service

The CenturyLink service was cancelled before it was even setup. A month later, no internet, no welcome package and no crew stopping by. At least they didn’t charge me, although it’d be insanely messed up if they did. It wasn’t until I called billing that I was made aware that additional setup would be required before I could even use their services.


Went With Charter Instead

As much as I didn’t want to go with a company that’s been bought out three times already, I went back to Bresnan / Optimum / Charter. There was some auto-billing issues when Optimum bought out Bresnan which caused my internet to get shut off. My fault for not being diligent, I guess, but still. That’s what initially got me looking at CenturyLink, as their pricing was a little cheaper. I ended up going back to Charter (unless it was Optimum at the time….). Same difference, I guess.

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