Chesterfield County, VA Police Ticket Quota Requirements

Lt. Kelly: Chesterfield Police Quota System Classified As “Performance Standard”

The police lieutenant can call them what he wants, I’ll call them quota requirements, he calls them “performance standards”. Cops are encouraged to write two tickets a day and make one arrest per day. According to Lt. Kelly of Chesterfield County, these numbers are practical and based off the average number of citations and arrests made by the department. He believes that all cops should be performing as equals.


What Happens If Crime Rates Go Down?

So what happens with the “performance standards” if crime rates drop? Are cops still encouraged to write the same number of citations and make the same number of arrests today? What does that mean if there’s not enough criminals to fulfill the performance standards? Are cops supposed to go out and create more criminals? If so, would Lt. Kelly prefer they create non-violent offenders or hardened criminals?

This is the problem anytime there’s some kind of benchmark. Arrests should be a dynamic thing, not a static thing. The number of arrests should correlate with the number of criminals and the crimes being committed. When you have cops pressured to go out and find crime, they  have the ability to cherry-pick nanny-state laws and non-violent offenses. For example; spitting in public or jaywalking.

Whenever you have situations like this, you might have cops pressured to meet those quotas and look for citations when there’s no peace being disturbed in the first place. At that point, it’s really the officers that are disturbing the peace and not the other way around.

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More On Ticket Quotas and Revenue-Generation

This incident is not isolated to Virginia alone. In fact, there’s a measurable correlation between number of citations and recession years. City and state government use citations to keep states solvent and increase revenue without having to implement more taxes.

More blog posts and resources on police using citations for revenue-generation

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