Colorado Lawmakers Want To Ban Smoking Under 21

No Smoking SignColorado lawmakers are trying to ban teen smoking and change the age restriction on tobacco-related products to 21 or older. It’s a bi-partisan bill that will hopefully crash and burn. The lawmakers try using the age restrictions of gambling, liquor and the newly legalized marijuana as justification for bumping up the legal smoking age.

They make reference to the fact that tobacco is more harmful than marijuana, and if smokers must be 21 or older to purchase weed, it’s only fair that they must be 21 or older to purchase tobacco. I’ve always felt it should be the opposite way around and 18 years old should be the age restriction on marijuana.

Only 3.2% Cigarettes To Be Sold In Gas Stations / Grocery Stores

Colorado, if you really want to make the restrictions and legislature more like our liquor laws, it would only make sense to ban “strong cigarettes” from retail outside of smoke shops and liquor stores.

Do like you do with beer and only sell the “pussy version” in stores. As for cigars, snuff and chew? Those are somewhat like the liquors, right? As we all know, liquor can only be sold in liquor stores within the state of Colorado. Therefore it should only make sense that those be banned from sale in grocery stores, along with full strength cigarettes.

Or just leave the smokers alone.

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