Defamation Of Character – What Happens When Double Stories Don't Stop?

So with the 4Cast project, we’ve been launching a series titled Thunder From Down Under, which had generated some crazy responses. The wildest things about these responses is it’s both sides, not backing down from their views and opinions, and everyone is able to follow-up with “facts” disputing the other parties points.

With both sides being “right”, who is right?

And to make the matter more sensitive, children, abusive homes and an abusive Child Protective Services is the subject matter. How can something involving kids be so corrupt and cutthroat? Why are kids being used to push a B.S. agenda? The whole situation is so screwed up.

The controversy is more over the host and his credentials and agenda. It seems that everyone acknowledges that there is a huge problem with CPS. This is not only a domestic problem here in the states, but an international problem stretching from the USA to the UK and Australia. From the Facebook comments we’ve received, it would seem that there’s Canadian abuse as well.

Why CPS Exploits Children

CPS groups receives incentives for children. They get government funding for those children. Therefore, kids are worth money in the eyes of CPS and that can lead to corruption in many situations. We’ve heard horror stories of children being taken for no good reasons. We’ve even heard stories of children being taken out of good, loving families and placed into abusive and neglectful foster situations.

But on the flip-side, we’ve also had comments, mainly over Facebook, stating that the people aggregating these stories are full of lies. so who’s right and who do you believe. Obviously one side is lying. Or one side is being fed lies and believes they’re telling the truth. It’s possible that everyone is feeding us lies and we’re stupid for believing anyone involved in the whole damn situation.

Here’s The Videos Sparking Controversy


Here’s the playlist of the entire season, starting with the most recent episode and going back in time. You can see the subject matter and the people talking. They all seem incredibly legit and presenting a real issue. As I’ve stated, it seems to be common enough of an occurrence to be acknowledged as a real and legitimate issue. But here’s some of the feedback that we’ve been receiving.

Here’s Some Comments We’ve Gotten

Names have been hidden:

Matt does not need any certification to prove his loyalty and commitment to me or any of the 200 some members in our group, he has worked endless hours giving up not only sleep but his time to help people in the U.S and U.K. .Matthew Virgiin is pillar of strength to all who have been falsely accused and unjustly going through hell fighting a corrupt government to get their children back he has not only given me hope but the strength I need to go on. Thank you again Matthew.

An excellent show, Thunder Down Under with Matthew Virgiin. Matthew’s heart is gold and he truly cares for families, puts himself out there to fight injustice with CPS, and spends long hours doing so. He has proven himself and I hope to see more shows with him!

Maybe you should speak to a few of us Australians who have been screwed over by him then you might not be so willing with the gratitudes!!!!!!!!

What proof do you have of any of his work in Australia – He has none whatsoever – he has been ousted by all people associated with Childrens Protection Australia wide – Matt has no credentials whatsoever, is a scammer looking for others overseas to fund him to get to USA to be with some woman he met over the internet named *************** – Check his go-fund – He is prepared to leave Australian shores forever to supposedly fight for American families leaving his 2 year old daughter behind in Lismore Australia – What kind of parent is that!!!!!

This man is a 26 year old nothing that sits on facebook and harasses people for his scam to get to America. he has not helped people in Australia at all. How can someone that is a bludger even have a radio show. He doesn’t care about his own child bit can save peoples children I am mean really!!!!!!

Omg not this idiot again!! Wasnt that long ago he was arrested in South Australia and he still owes a little old lady money for rent!! THIS MAN IS A SCAMMER – WAKE UP PEOPLE – Some of you Americans have already worked this man out

What I see is a few people who have repeatedly bashed and have offered little proof. I have seen the proof of things Matt has done that are good. I guess I would offer this of what you learn in kindergarten, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. If Matt is a fraud the truth will come out and he will be held accountable. If Matt is not a fraud you all could be liable for slander or defamation of character.

Nope sorry can not do when someone else is attacking a very good friend of mine!! And so ur the grandmother are you, yet you still side over on Matthew virgiin who has conspired to kidnap, who has been arrested and charged with possession of illegal weapons, who has threatened many people, who has absolutely no idea of family law and who has a 2 year old daughter but never bothers to see her or support her in anyway??? Hmm makes alot of sense to me too.

As you can see – Controversial / Contradicting!

Would really like to know what you guys think of this. Especially if you’ve had any experience with the subject matter.

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