Durango, CO Edward Jones: Stay Out Of Employee Love Lives

Edward Jones

Edward Jones: Stay Out Of Employee Love Lives


Dear Edward Jones of Durango, Colorado,

First, it must be mentioned that Durango is a small town. A very small town. The business community is much smaller. You have to be very diligent about what you say, especially what threats you throw out there. Word travels fast here and people like to gossip.

Believe me, I know this more than anyone. I’ve taken the Durango Police to war over their false enforcement of the Implied Consent Act with the help of attorneys for DUI claims and falsely enforcing the C.R.S. dealing with DUI and drunk driving.

I’ve worked as the 3rd generation in a family print shop, that has a “mixed” reputation around town.

I’ve been a youth in this small town where everyone gossips about each other.


Durango Edward Jones Vs Memories Pizza

You’d think that Memories Pizza would have sent a strong message that people don’t like it when companies dabble with other people’s love lives. Me personally, I’m a strong advocate that businesses should have the right to run themselves as they see fit. But I’m also a strong believer that companies must deal with the repercussions of their actions.

Those repercussions shouldn’t be in the form of death threats, as what happened with Memories Pizza. A more proper response would be lost of business, word-of-mouth, blogging, ect.

I’m not in the need of investment assistance, currently. All my residual income is through internet monetization and the cool thing about that is that it’s residual without the investment. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be in the market someday. Guess who I will never holler at for consultation?


Talk About Animosity In The Workplace

The other reason you shouldn’t throw around threats like this is it creates animosity and resentment in the workplace. Do you really want your employees resenting you because you’ve intervened in their love life? Being 3rd generation in a family business I’ve had to learn a lot about employee dynamics, resentment and what can become of it.

Even if an employee doesn’t show signs of resentment, there’s a chance it’s bottling up in there. There’s a lot of reasons an employee might not initially show signs of resentment could be a lot of reasons. The primary reason is probably because they still need their job. At this point they might not want their job, but without a contingency plan in place they might need it. Maybe they’re a strong person that doesn’t like to show signs of anger of despair. That doesn’t mean that those feelings don’t exist.


Before Anyone States This Post Is Libel

I have it from multiple sources that Edward Jones of Durango threatened to fire an employee if that employee did not break up with the individual that he/she was currently in a relationship with. I’ve heard this from both parties within the relationship.

All of this is factual, and I am exercising my 1st Amendment right, both as an individual and as an independent member of the press. I feel that bloggers are covered under the freedom of press mentioned in the 1st Amendment.

If any legal repercussions fall on me, I will gladly take any charges to court so that the full story can be made public and disclosed from someone else’s mouth other than my own.

I’ve kept the names of the couple in the relationship that was challenged by Edward Jones, as well as the employer making the threat censored to protect their names. I feel that is adaquate to avoid defamation of character. while still reporting on this shady form of business practice that I feel the community needs to know about.

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