Where To Find Homes For Rent In Durango, Colorado

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Durango, CO Houses For Rent

Looking for houses to rent in Durango, Colorado? Whether you’re an FLC college kid or relocating for the big job, finding a house can be a daunting task, especially if you’re on a budget! Here’s some resources, directories and classifieds to help you find the perfect rental home for you or your family!


Durango Herald / Cortez Journal Classifieds

The Durango Herald and Cortez Journal have a shared online classifieds section. It’s the best place to see what rooms are available on both publications. The classifieds lets you sort by price, date and by other criteria. Features rentals in Durango, Cortez, Bayfield and surrounding area.


Western Slope Craigslist

The Western Slope Craigslist section covers a lot of area, stretching all the way up to Grand Junction. It’s a shame there’s not a category for the Four Corners, as it’d be more relevant in a lot of ways. It’s still a great tool and you can find a lot of properties cheaper than you would digging through classifieds.


Durango Online Yard Sale

Perhaps one of the best resources to explore. The Durango Online Garage Sale Facebook group is very active. There’s rental opportunities posted there all the time. In addition, you can create an “In Search Of” post and specify what you’re looking for, budget requirements, pets, ect. There’s a lot of members that will tag people who are both in the group and outside of the group. This allows you to reach out to the people directly.


Looking For Vacation Rentals In Durango?

If you’re looking for vacation rentals in Durango, Colorado, you should check out Durango Premier Vacation Rentals. They’ve got a wide selections of cabins, Durango Mountain Resort rentals, rentals in proximity to golfing and more. Great for planning that luxury trip to our awesome area!

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