End Oregon's County Assessor Corruption, Amend ORS 311.205

State of Oregon

Amend ORS 311.205 – End Oregon County Assessor Corruption

Oregon has a huge problem. The state is broke and failing. Without a sales tax, much of the tax burden is placed on the property owner. With the real estate collapse and depression, more people are being foreclosed on. When the main tax income starts being compromised, many countries start getting desperate. This leads to corruption.


Salem / State of Oregon Protects Corruption

The worst part is, Salem and the State of Oregon protects this corruption. This is all found in ORS 311.205 2(a), which reads:

2 (a) The officer in charge of the roll shall make corrections with the assent and concurrence of the assessor or the department. The direction for the correction must be made in writing and state the type of error and the statutory authority for the correction. The officer may correct the roll for any year or years not exceeding five years prior to the last certified roll.

The protection of the corruption is found in the very last part in bold above. The Oregon Revised Statute makes county assessors legally unable to refund property tax errors. If errors go unnoticed long enough, there’s no chance of consideration being honored. Property tax disputes require due diligence and time. In some cases, a lot of diligence and time. It might also be something that isn’t caught right away. If a corrupt county assessors office is slowly milking property owners for eerroneoustaxes, it might be a slow ramp-up. In that case, even if the property owner is able to prove a history of exploitation, it’s all for nothing.

What’s worst is if a county assessor is to actually delay response and admitting to errors, they might even be able to wait out long enough to avoid paying consideration of proof. Once the five years has passed, they can throw up their hands and say; “Yes, we screwed you over. It’s all our errors. We behaves badly. But there’s nothing we can do, as per ORS 311.205. Have a nice day.”


Ability For Corruption Will Lead To Corruption

Anytime there’s an ability for corruption to occur, corruption will eventually occur. History has proven this time and time again. I’m not saying that all Oregon county assessors are corrupt. *BUT* each county assessor has protection if they were to pull scandalous and corrupt moves and are able to wait out the storm. We need to end this loophole and protect the property owners. There have been accounts of county assessors hiding behind ORS 311.205. It has happened and it will happen again.


Sign The Petition, End The Loophole

I’ve started a petition to Salam and the State of Oregon, demanding the ORS 311.205 is amended to protect our state’s property owners and end the possibility of exploitation by corrupt county assessors. Please join with me and sign the petition. If you’ve been a victim of property tax abuse in Oregon, I would love to hear your story and try to get some exposure for you. Please email me at nathan@durangomarketer.com and lets get the party started!


More About Our Story

My mother is a property owner in Ashland, Oregon. She’s got a secondary “unit” that has never had a building inspection and never received an occupancy permit. It shouldn’t be taxable living space. Without any communications or express of intent, Jackson County assessors gave it a secondary address and started taxing it as a second property. This is highly illegal. Not only did they implement this, but proceeded to wrongly back tax my mother 3 years on that unit. This was enough to bankrupt her and they threatened to foreclose when they were wrong to reassess that unit in the first place.

Jackson County admits they’re at fault, but full consideration will never be paid. Jackson County assessor is hiding behind 311.205, much like many other county assessors out there.

More information on the Jackson County / City of Ashland property tax scandal.

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