Ft Collins Bars Discriminating Against Face / Hand Tattoos

Tattoo BanFt Collins Bars Banning Face / Hand Tattoos

Just got done with a very, very interesting trip up to Ft. Collins, Colorado. I was up there hollering at a local indie record label and recording studio. The basis of the conversation was a bunch of web work, SEO, on-demand CD production and fulfillment, iTunes publishing and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. The job was setup through a good friend of mine who moved to the Denver area from Durango, Colorado, where I’m at.

It was a very “Colorful” trip. I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve been running with a rowdy crew. I used to be that way when I was much younger in life (try highschool) but have really outgrown that type of lifestyle. Would have been much nicer, really, if I had met up with them while they were on tour and away from the Ft. Collins politics, but it is what it is. While I was in town, there was something that struck my attention. It’s the fact that many Ft. Collins bars don’t allow people with face or hand tattoos. Apparently it’s because of the gang spillover from Denver. I can see where they’re going with it, but it reminded me of something that happened a couple months ago: Memories Pizza stating they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding.


Ft. Collins Bars Vs Memories Pizza

So how much different is this from Memories Pizza stating they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding? Both are examples of companies discriminating against people because of lifestyle choices. Both lifestyle choices don’t harm anyone, though they’re both seen as taboo by portions of the population.

Should the bars in Ft Collins receive death threats for their discrimination? Or is it different because the tattoo might identify gang affiliation?


What If Someone Had An “I’m Gay” Face Tattoo?

And what if them being refused service went viral like the Memories Pizza thing did? Would that bar start receiving massive amounts of hate mail and death threats like Memories Pizza did? Would you have half the nation bashing them while the other half tried justifying them? Would it turn into the same dick-swinging competition between Democrats and Republicans that Memories Pizza did?

Hell, if it gets the face and hand tattoo ban removed from all the bars, someone please do it! Since my friends up there are all tatted up (I don’t have any, by the way) it was difficult bar hopping up there.


My Thoughts On The Tattoo Bans

My thoughts on the tattoo bans is the same as my thoughts on Memories Pizza not catering gay weddings. I don’t feel that people should be discriminated against, but I feel very strongly that businesses should be able to run their operations the way they want to. You ever see those signs that state; We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone? They should have that right. If someone didn’t want to serve you for some personal characteristic, wouldn’t you rather spend your money elsewhere anyway? Which is exactly what we did. We partied at the bars that allowed tatted up people.

Their right, their choice, their profit lost.

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