Hidden Taxes: "Traffic Tickets Necessary For Maintaining Quality of Life"

Malden, Mass. Police Chief Kenneth Coye

A few days ago, I learned that the majority of traffic fines is actually what one might describe as a “hidden tax”. It didn’t surprise me, as our government is a bunch of money-thirsty blood-sucking bitches to begin with, but I still found it interesting. My first thought was “Doesn’t new taxes have to be voted in by the public, as per TABOR laws?” and my second thought was; “They probably word it differently so that it’s not technically a tax…..Kinda like ObamaCare before they found out it wouldn’t work that way”.

So I’m going to have a bunch of fun with this one, and start featuring another story from a different department. Today’s lucky victim is Malden Massachusetts police chief Kenneth Coye. Kenneth Coye is a real supporter of enforcing nanny-state policies as a revenue-generating strategy. It’s kind of like Massachusetts is like a pimp and Coye is like a hoe. “Mac Chusetts” says go get it and bring it back, and Coye delivers. If Big Mac C says it’s not enough, Coye knows he has to go out and get more.


Malden, Mass. Police Encourage To Write *AT LEAST* One Traffic / Parking Citation Per Day

Kenneth Coye encourages his police force to write at least one traffic or parking citation a day. He also encourages an increased presence in high revenue areas. This goes to show how many police forces are no longer “serving and protecting”, but rather enforcing nanny-state policies as a means of revenue generation. And it’s not just to support their department. Any out of control government spending could result in increased police harassment and monetized exploitation of citizens.


“Traffic Tickets Necessary For Maintaining Quality of Life”

And my personal favorite quote from him. Apparently traffic tickets are required for maintaining the quality of life. Cause, ya know? If the cops didn’t harass you for non-violent nanny-state offenses, infrastructure would fall apart, people would be miserable drunk bums on the side of the road, gas prices would go through the roofs, the real estate market would crash and random mailboxes would start blowing up for no apparent reason.

So the next time you’re getting pulled over for a broken taillight or for accidentally hitting the white line with your tire, don’t look at it as harassment. When you’re in the court room, wasting a few hours of your time (when you should have been working) and are ordered to pay a several hundred dollar fine, don’t look at it as harassment. Look at it as the system selecting you as the proud benefactor of your community. Think of how wonderful you are making like for yourselves and others.

Cops don’t protect you anymore.

They protect their state and community through harassing you.

They’re thinking of the greater good and could care less about individual rights.

And for that, we thank our government, nanny-state revenue-generating policies and the cops who are harassing us to keep the quality of life great.

Thank you all.

Original story on Fox News.

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