High Dollar Traffic Tickets Bad For Road Maintenance

High Dollar Traffic Tickets Bad For Road Maintenance

Isn’t this an interesting concept. High dollar traffic tickets and the state and local governments using citations for revenue-generation is actually damaging our roads. It’s been statistically proven that whenever there’s a recession, the number of citations and cost of the citations goes up. This is because the governments have their “fees” hidden in the citations and use that to balance the budget and keep states solvent. One Massachusetts police chief even stated that “Tickets are necessary for maintaining the quality of life”. What does that translate into? “We need to charge you to support our government”, basically.

But outrageous traffic tickets have been causing people to lose their licenses. It’s difficult for a low-income family to pay for a thousand dollar citation. It makes more sense to just lose the license, and this is where the roads come into play.


Roads Maintained Through A Gas Tax

Our roads are primarily maintained through taxes on gas purchases. When people lose their licenses due to outrageous traffic citations, they are no longer purchasing gas. Without them purchasing gas, government isn’t collecting the gas tax off of them. This means that less money is going towards maintaining our roads. Those individuals might also choose an alternative form of transportation, such as a bike. Even though bikes are les wear-and-tear on a road than a vehicle, there is still some wear-and-tear. And without the tax revenue being generated off the bike, it’s wearing down the roads without any kind of contribution.

And that’s how outrageous tickets are horrible for the maintenance of our roads.

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