Legalized Marijuana Will Reduce Amount of Traffic Fines

Reducing Traffic Citations Through Legalized Marijuana

Perhaps one of the strangest pro-legalization arguments you’ve ever heard. Legalization of marijuana would reduce the number of traffic citations issued on a state and national level. The reason is the increase in revenue and the decrease of enforcement and incarceration expenses. This will have a massive impact on the state budget. If the state is solvent without needing to exploit innocent drivers for revenue, there will be a reduction of police harassment.


States / Cities Use Fines To Balance The Budget

Unlike taxes, that need to be voted in (TABOR states), fines don’t need to be. This is very convenient for governments that use fines and citations to fill deficits and keep states solvent. A Massachusetts police chief went as far as to say that traffic tickets are necessary for maintaining this countries quality of life. What’s next? A statement claiming we need more non-violent criminals in order to increase the quality of life? Will you see new legislation proposed on the platform that it’ll “create more criminals out of innocent Americans, thus increasing the quality of life”?

How about another solution; legalizing marijuana to fix the budget woes.


Reduce Police Harassment: Legalize Marijuana

So to eliminate the role of cops as revenue-generating peons for the government, let’s just legalize the damn plant. It’ll do a great deal of good for all the states governments and will help reduce the police harassment. Hell, without the need to ticket citizens over non-violent nanny-state offenses, we could even reduce the police forces to a size adequate to respond to real criminals. Ya know, them violent people who actually harm the quality of life of Americans.

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