Why I Love and Hate Working From Home

So I work remotely providing a selection of digital marketing services. I’m also employed by Web Services Management. For both of these jobs, all I need is a laptop and wifi. Therefore, the majority of work is done out of the house. When I do follow up with clients, prospects and my company, it’s usually at a coffee shop.

I love working out of home and hate it at the same time. Here’s my reasons why.


Why I Love Working From Home


Set your own hours – Sure, there is responsibilities and some things require prompt follow up, but for the most part I’m able to set my own hours.┬áSometimes I keep “normal business hours”, sometimes I’m working late at night and sometimes I don’t work.

Able to do things around the house – Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, having music or television in the background, whatever. Working from home allows you to do all those things you’d normally be doing.

Work on my own projects at the same time – I’ve got a bunch of various web pages going at any given time. I fill a lot of my downtime by working on some of my other projects.

Can wear whatever you want – I’ll spend a lot of my work day in a bathrobe.

Can work from wherever I want – It doesn’t necessarily need to be from my place. I could take a road trip, and as long as I can find wifi, it’s all good. I’m located in Durango, Colorado, but I could move and still be “located out of Durango, Colorado”.


What I hate About Working From Home


Everyone knows you’re always home – I’ve got a lot of friends that will just stop by periodically throughout the day. It’s cool and all, but a lot of the time I’ve got shit to do, so I either come off incredibly rude, or end up getting incredibly distracted. It’s a bother when this happens all day, everyday and throughout the day.

Can become very antisocial – Very contradicting to the first point about why I hate working from home, but let me explain. When it’s people stopping by your place, it’s not really socializing at your discretion, it’s at the discretion of everyone else. A lot of times I get too much of a social fix in that I don’t really bother going out much.

Pay isn’t steady – If you’re working a forty hour work week, the pay is almost guaranteed. Working from home, you don’t get paid for the “idle time” when you’re expected to be around the shop or office in case a client or job comes in. You only get paid for the work that you do.

Easy To Get Distracted – There’s a lot of things that can get distracting when working from home. People are by far the most distracting, but anything can get you off task. It’s truly a fine balance between work, play and chores.

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