Memories Pizza & Gay Marriage Catering – My Thoughts

Memories Pizza & Gay Marriage Catering – My Thoughts

I usually don’t get sucked into the leftist and rightest banter in these debates. Usually I just outright ignore them. This isn’t news. This isn’t a pressing issue. This is a small thing that got put into the limelight so both sides can beat it to death with their rhetoric.

I’ve avoided enough issues, however, and I think it’s time I start adding my rhetoric to these stupid decisions.


My Thoughts On Gay Marriage

I personally don’t believe in marriage. Not just gay marriage, but marriage in general. I’m not a very religious man, though I have a great respect for Universe and the unknown. Marriage is a religious and legal / tax thing. I’m not too fond of law and tax either, making marriage a really stupid concept in my opinion.

So seeing how I already believe marriage is stupid, I really don’t care what happens with it. Hell, marry your dog for all I care. At least then you can claim it as a dependent and get the tax deduction, as that’s all marriage really is to me.


“We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone…..But Gays”

So whatever happened to the right to refuse service to anyone? This is very relevant to me, because I refuse service to more prospects, than I actually accept clients. This is due to the fact that the majority of my work is freelance.

What would happen if the government told me I couldn’t discriminate on who I choose to do business with?

  • I would be way too slammed with work to be able to function.
  • I couldn’t take the jobs I actually wanted, which is the best part about freelancing
  • I couldn’t make sure my services were the best possible fit for prospects

There are many times where I will deny people my services due to conflicts of interest. Usually it’s because I’m working very closely with someone else in their vertical. A lot of the times it’s actually due to my personal distaste for a specific business or individual.

I feel I have the right to discriminate in that sense. Why would I want to work with someone who I don’t like? I’m in that position where I can deny service and if I don’t want to work with them. Besides, would they really want to work with me anyway?

Once we start opening up the dialogue on who business owners¬†CANT refuse service to, it’s a slippery slope and one I really don’t want to start down. I don’t need government telling me who I can and can’t provide services for.


The Need For Religious Freedom

This country was built on the idea of freedom of religion. Although I’m not a religious guy, I respect the beliefs of everyone, even those Oregonians worshipping the Spaghetti God.¬†No body should be forced to go against their believes. If you want to incite change, try engaging hardcore Christians in debate, rather than forcing your ideals upon them.

You wouldn’t want their anti-gay religious stuff shoved down your throat, so don’t do the exact same thing to them.


Respect Freedoms of Gays, Business Owners and Americans

I see nothing in the Memories Pizza incident that indicates anyone encroaching on the personal freedom of gays and gay marriage. I do see people trying to call out the business practices of Memories Pizza. That company has the rights to work with whomever they want. If you don’t like the policies of the business, take it elsewhere. If their policies go against everyone’s beliefs, that business won’t last long.

Businesses already have to deal with federal, state, county and municipal regulations. Our businesses are regulated enough without having the government decide who they can and can’t do business with.

Also, respect the rights of everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, or whether they have a weiner and a pussy.

Every American is worthy of respect and freedom.

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