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It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and our Broncos are about to kick some Seahawk ass got paid to throw the Super Bowl, it’s the only explanation. While everyone is hyped-up on football, sent out an email containing all the current open NFL petitions on their platform.

Some of them are fairly interesting;


Petition To Raise Cheerleader Wages

This one came as a shock to me. Apparently NFL cheerleaders only get paid roughly $150 per game, and do not receive any compensation for training and practice. While they’re only pulling in $150 per game, it’s alleged by the petition that each team ends up profiting $1,000,000+ from the cheerleaders presence. This money is generated from merchandise and promotion. In comparison, the mascots get paid roughly $65,000 annually.

Cheerleading must either be prestigious, open up doors to other opportunities or there’s got to be other means that cheerleaders can easily pull in revenue. I can’t see cheerleaders working for those wages. Either there’s other revenue streams, or all those girls have guys with money and don’t have to worry about a career….Which wouldn’t surprise me.

Either way, the wages are ridiculous.


Petitioning NFL To Fight Domestic Violence

There’s a petition to the NFL urging them to take action against domestic violence. The petition outlines an event where an NFL player killed the mother of his child before killing himself. It also references other events and teams that have players on their roster with history of domestic violence or sexual assault.

The petition gives some interesting metrics on the correlation between NFL and domestic violence. It alleges that domestic violence related calls increase right after NFL games. The number of reports increase dramatically when there’s a major upset. I guess the heated fans like to take out their rage on the wife.

The petition urges Roger Goodell to make all players in the league with domestic violence priors to be enrolled in counseling.


Petitioning NFL To Stop Marijuana Ban

This is a real interesting one. As many people have already pointed out, both states that have legalized marijuana have sent teams to the Super Bowl. The internet has been filled with super bowl puns. Shame it’s being played in New York where weed is still illegal (and very expensive).

Even though both Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana, the players from those states are still not able to smoke. This petition is urging the NFL to quit punishing players from smoking cannabis, which is less harmful than alcohol, which the league doesn’t have an issue with.

Aside from that, maybe it would chill the players out and reduce the domestic violence that the prior petition is fighting.


Revoke NFL Tax Exempt Status

I’m shocked to see how many people aren’t aware of the NFL’s 501 status. Even though it’s a $9 billion dollar industry, the NFL is tax-exempt. An interesting fact that I wasn’t aware of is that recently the NBA and Major League Baseball dropped their non-profit structure. This petition urges the NFL to do the same.

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