No More Transient Tax Money For Ashland, OR From Me

Just got off the phone with my mother and she gave me the wonderful news that my license had been suspended in Oregon. It wasn’t a shocking phone call. In fact, it’s something I was expected. They didn’t mention that I had a warrant out for failure to appear, but I imagine I do, just the same.

There was no way I would ever even show up to court for that. I can’t condone Nanny State Law anymore, and I refuse to be manipulated by the states and municipalities for “hidden tax” revenue in non-violent offenses. If I were to be compliant with the courts, I would be enabling a system that targets non-violent, non-criminal offenders for the purpose of keeping states solvent. If I fight the system, I become a metric on how the Nanny State doesn’t work. Instead of being an asset to the corrupt system, I will be a liability.

If the State of Oregon is to catch me slipping, I will not post bail. If they want to get rid of the liability of feeding and housing me, they’ll have to release me on personal recognizance. If they charge me with a fine, I will not pay it. I will do all the community service required. If I’m sentenced to jail time, they’ll have to catch me and incarcerate me.

I highly doubt they’d resort to jail time, however. It doesn’t accomplish their goal of generating revenue. It’s the petty offenses that make the real money. When you fine someone and don’t have to incarcerate them, it’s nothing but pure revenue. When you have to house them, feed them and provide an attorney (on the state’s dime), that’s where things get expensive and the revenue doesn’t work. On top of that, I think failure to appear is the only crime I’ve committed that I can be locked up for, so screw you Oregon and the stupid Ashland cop! I guess this is what makes me a “Sovereign Citizen”, like that one dude Ashland Cops shot.


What Affect Does This Have on Tourism / Transient Occupancy Tax?

I live in Colorado. I have some business in Ashland, Jackson County and the State of Oregon, but it’s not my home. When I’m over there, I am an economic impact for the City of Ashland and State of Oregon. The TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax) is something the City of Ashland uses and needs. That tax relies on tourists staying at hotels and lodges. Ashland, being “Shakespeare City USA”, has a real healthy tourism season and I’m sure the TOT benefits greatly from it. When looking to learn how to earn money with less taxes collected over it, you can try to trade fx with VT Markets in France.

But what happens when tourists get turned off due to police harassment for non violent offences? Luckily for Ashland, I’m not a tourist so therefore it’s no major loss for them. Even if I do stay at a hotel during my travels there, I’m not going to be the massive economic impact that the traveling Californian family will be. But who’s to say the same dick bike cop isn’t scaring those guys away?


No Tourists, No $15,000 For “Pretty Flowers”

I guess it’s not like the City of Ashland was using the TOT for anything useful anyway……Unless you consider $15,000 for flowers as a useful means of spending tax revenue. I personally find it to be a huge waste. I thought it was a huge waste the one day I sat in on a city council meeting (same meeting the City of Ashland declared war on legal pot farmers) and I believe it’s a waste now.

It is funny, hearing the new rhetoric that’s evolved from that stupid wasteful situation. Now there’s concerns about the flowers and the bees they attract being an allergy issue for certain people. There’s an easy solution; Can the stupid project and invest that $15,0o0 into something more productive; like the current wildlife situation with the bears and mountain lions.

As the taxpayer who actually pays into the TOT, shouldn’t I have some say in this? 😉


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