Who Is The Romanian Hacker Guccifer?

Romanian Hacker Guccifer

Who Is The Romanian Hacker Guccifer?

Guccifer (real name Marcel Lazăr Lehel) is a Romanian hacker and anti-illuminati dissident. Guccifer was arrested January 22, 2014 in Romania and indicted by the United States in June, 2014 for the hacking of high-profile government officials.  Guccifer recently came back into American spotlight over Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email address. This discovery was originally made by Guccifer, who hacked the account of Sidney Blumenthal, a former staffer of Clinton. In the leaked emails from Blumenthal, it was revealed that Clinton was receiving the intelligence to a private email address and not a .gov email.


Guccifer’s Arrest In Romania

On Jan. 22nd, 2014, Guccifer was brought in by DIICOT, a department of Romania’s Public Ministry, specialized in combating organized crime and investigation of crime and terrorism. Guccifer was charged with hacking email accounts belonging to public persons in Romania, stole the intelligence and changed the passwords to prevent the hacked individuals from accessing the accounts.

Hacked public officials include; SRI director George Maior, Colin Powell, Bush and Rockefeller family members and officials Obama administration.

Guccifer released the information contained in the emails, demonstrating fraudulent actions and infringement of online privacy.

This wasn’t his first run-in with the law. In February 8, 2012, under the alias “Little Smoke”, the hacker was sentenced to three years in prison with suspension, by the 3rd District Bucharest Court for unlawful access of Facebook and email accounts of public officials and for publishing their private conversations.

In August 19, 2011, he was arrested for 25 charges for unauthorized access to information systems, 25 charges for unlawfully accessing restricted data, 25 charges for unlawful transfer of data and 15 charges of violating the secrecy of correspondence

From October 2010 – July 2011, he was accused of illegally accessing the email accounts and Facebook accounts of: Dragoş Moştenescu, Corina Caragea, Laura COSO, Roxana Ivanescu , Rona Hartner, Iliviu Leşu, Daniela Aciu, Irina Reisler Capitanu, Violeta Babliuc, Monica Barbu, Lenuta Aciu, Simona Radulescu, Denisa Barboni, Dragusanu, Cristian Pulhac, Ada Milea, APDL Youth Organization.


Guccifer’s Indictment By America

Coming straight from the indictment itself: On or around December 22, 2012, December 25, 2012 and January 5, 2013, Guccifer allegedly accessed the AOL account of a family member of two two former United States presidents.

In February of 2013, Guccifer allegedly hacked and gained entry to the AOL account of a sanitation engineer. Guccifer allegedly used this email account to send the contents of the first hack (family member of former US Presidents) to various US media outlets. Parts of the content was published by multiple media sources. The emails allegedly contained his “Guccifer” signature.

On or around March 11, 2013, Lazar gained access to the AOL and Facebook account of a former US cabinet member. Lazar changed the passwords to the account. He made several files and folders containing the content of the hacks. While logged into the Facebook account, the following messages were posted: “You will burn in hell, Bush!”and “Kill the Illuminati! Tomorrow’s world will be a world free of Illuminati or will be no more!”.

On or around March 12, 2013, Lazar sent an email from the former US Cabinet member’s email account titled: “blair rumsfeld powell kissinger tennet mails” to dozens of media outlets throughout the United States. the email contained attachments taken during the Facebook / email hack.

On or around March 14, 2013, Lazar allegedly hacked the AOL account and subaccount of a journalist and former US Presidential advisor. Lazar allegedly changed the password and security question to the account and sent an email from the journalists account to multiple media outlets, containing content from the journalists hacked email account. Some of the content was marked with the alias “Guccifer”.

On or around March 15, 2013, Lazar once again accessed the patsys email account (sanitation worker used to send original hacked content to media outlets). He used the account to send emails to dozens of congressional staffers, containing content from the US cabinet member hack.

On or around July 25, 2013, Lazar used his personal Facebook to find a “former senior foreign government official”. On or around July 29, he hacked the former foreign official’s email account and retrieved email correspondence between the former foreign official and former US cabinet member.

On or around July 31, 2014, Guccifer allegedly hacked the Gmail account of a former US Joint Chief of Staff member. Guccifer allegedly sent an email from this hacked account to the email address of the former US Cabinet member in order to provoke a response. The email contained a link from the conversation between the former cabinet member and the former foreign government official.

Between the dates of July 29 and August 1 of 2013, it’s alleged that Lazar sent the content of the foreign official hack and the provoked conversation between the former Joint Chief of Staff and former US Cabinet member to two major media outlets.

In December of 2013, Lazar allegedly sent contents of multiple hacks described above to multiple media outlets. Many of these media outlets published portions of the confidential content.


Details of Guccifer’s Hacks

Guccifer Hacks Sidney Blumenthal, Exposes Hillary Clinton’s Personal Email – This hack recently came into the national spotlight, when United States media news outlets reported that Hillary Clinton was using a personal email address. It was the hacking of Sidney Blumenthal’s email that initially exposed her private email and domain name.


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