Why I Will Never Watch CNN Again

I’ve never been a huge fan of American news. Doesn’t matter which political affiliation owns the network, it’s all a bunch of crap. Our news has degraded to partisan banter on either side. Usually they pick a stupid topic, such as a pizza shop that won’t cater gay weddings. Sometimes it’s one more relevant, like the protests after Ferguson, but even that is  small issue and not as relevant when you look at police shootings at large.

Once a tedious topic has been chosen for debate, all the partisan media outlets figure out their talking points and the banter starts. By the time the banter starts, it’s not even really newsworthy anymore. And while everyone is bantering about gay weddings being catered by pizzerias, there’s real news happening in the world, whether it’s an OPEC summit, Iranian nuclear talks, military tension in the NATO countries as America parades it’s tanks around or any of the 50,000 other topics more relevant than gays eating pizza at a wedding reception.

That’s why I hate American media in general and stick with RT or Aljazeera. That’s right, I prefer Russian state-sponsored media over our domestic “news”. So already I’m not that fond of CNN, but what they next is straight-up insulting.


CNN Classified Me As A Domestic Terrorist

This is what I really can’t condone. Just over a month ago, CNN ran a story on how right-winged terrorists pose greater Threat than ISIS, according to DHS / FBI. I read the DHS / FBI report, and you can see my findings by clicking on that last link. ISIS and “Republicans” are never mentioned in the report. In fact, the “Sovereign Citizen Extremists” that DHS is describing sounds more like Libertarians than it does Republicans. Hell, the Republicans don’t even respect states rights anymore, so how are they supposed to stand for individual liberties and freedom?

The story was insanely misleading, and made it appear that the headline was a statement from DHS / FBI, and not CNN’s own rhetoric. CNN didn’t link to the report, and I had to find it by doing some digging. The story itself got syndicated all over the internet, with very little aggregators doing their own investigative research.

I am one of those good freedom loving Libertarians. One of those non-violent ones mentioned in the DHS / FBI report. I want to keep it non-violent, like most my counterparts. I don’t need CNN labeling a freedom movement as domestic terror, and I sure as shit don’t need them claiming I’m a bigger threat than ISIS.

It’s a false story that could trigger insurgency. The easiest way to create terrorists is to label innocence as terrorists. As soon as you’re an enemy of the state, what options are available but to fight?

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