Will Benghazi / Email Servers Come Up In Democratic Primary?

Will Benghazi / Private Servers Come Up In Democratic Primary?

I find it cute that whenever Benghazi or the private email servers come up, it’s always brushed off as a “right winged conspiracy theory”. If it’s not a conspiracy theory, it just dismissed as “who cares?”. Which is a great point. Wouldn’t it be great if people did actually care about what scandals our countries leaders are involved in. But the Democrats are right. Nobody really cares. They got their MTVs and Jersey Shores and all those other creature comforts that keeps people distracted. My question: Will Democrats care during this next primary.


Will Primary Opponents Be Allows To Bash Hillary Clinton?

With Cablegate, Benghazi and the email servers, Hillary’s frenemies / opponents in the primaries will have no shortage of ammunition. The real question is; will they be allowed to use it? Will the DNC step in and say “play nice when debating Hillary”? The Democrats have been brushing all these things off like it’s nothing anyone should care about. It would look very hypocritical if all of a sudden the left started bringing up these things in the primaries. Not only that, but it would no longer be some misconstrued “right-wing conspiracy” if Clinton’s competitors start singing the same song.


Can Clinton Survive The Primary and General?

If all her scandals come up in the primaries, it’ll echo out in the general elections. The right-winged conspiracy argument would be dead. Not only that, but it’ll be something that Democrats would have become familiar hearing about during the primaries. I don’t think Clinton will be able to recover from any hardcore Democrat vs Democrat campaigning. It’s not like her opponents can come out and say; “Just kidding about all those things, guys! I was just saying that to be elected and now the Democrats are all super-best-friends-forever again!”


It’ll be a very interesting Democratic primary and I look forward to it.

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