WorldVentures Compensation Plan Simplified And Explained

NOTE: Apparently WordVentures has changed their compensation plan. This is probably all nulled and void by now.

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Recently, WorldVentures has risen in my town of Durango, Colorado. WorldVentures seems much like any other MLM, and comes with an amazingly complex compensation plan. This is my attempt to shorten and simplify it.

I’m also analyzing the detailed compensation plan in entirety, but that is a whole another blog post.

Please note: WorldVentures is complicated! I’ve done the best I’ve can to simplify it. This is all my interpretation of the compensation plan, and although I consider myself to be incredibly sharp, these guys have made it that confusing! If I have misrepresented anything, let me know!

I have moved all the bonuses to the end so that they don’t jazz-up the hard numbers.



WorldVentures – Simplified And Explained


65% Cap Rule: The 65% Cap Rule is very important to understand. WorldVentures will pay the representatives 65% and keep 35% for corporate. This means if the consideration the representatives are owed comes out to over 65% of the net revenue, payments will be adjusted so that corporate is only paying that 65%

This is important for program sustainability (big concern for MLMs) but also means that the consideration realized may not be what the hyped-up video suggests.


Direct Commission:

65% Cap Rule does not apply to direct commissions

Direct commissions are paid everytime you personally enroll somebody into the program.

$20 – DreamTrips Membership
$20 – DreamTrips Life Membership
$20 – International DreamTrips Life Membership
$150 Luxury DreamTrips Membership
$130 Luxury DreamTrips Upgrade*
$0 – DreamTrips U


Weekly Team Bonus Cycles

1 cycle = $100
1 cycle = 3 sales credits on left / 3 sales credits on right
The 65% Cap Rule applies to weekly team bonuses
Must be a Qualified Representative to earn Bonus (4 under you)

Team bonuses are paid when your binary network makes sales. Bonuses are paid when a cycle is made. Three “sales credits” from both the left and right side of the binary network must match-up to create a cycle. Therefore, six credits are needed for a cycle to be realized. Please note; this is sales-based and only occurs when new conversions are made.

Each sale earns the following credits:

1 credit – DreamTrips Membership
1 credit – DreamTrips Life Membership
1 credit – International DreamTrips Life Membership
3 credits – Luxury DreamTrips Membership
1/2 credit – DreamTrips U
1/2 credit – Upgrade to DreamTrips Life*
2 credits – Upgrade to Luxury DreamTrips**


Monthly Residual Payments

1 cycle = $10 ($15 for Directors)
1 cycle = 3 Monthly fee payments on left / 3 Monthly fee payments on right
The 65% Cap Rule applies to weekly team bonuses
Must be a Senior Representative to earn Residual (30/30, 60 total)

Please note: residual income is based on monthly fees and not necessarily on members of your binary network. Therefore, if a member of your binary networks fees are voided (as they’re a qualified representative), they may not be credited towards a cycle.

Once a representative reaches the senior rank, (s)he is eligible for residual payments based on their binary networks monthly fees. Modeled like the weekly bonuses, the residual works in a cycle system, where three credits on the left must match-up with three credits on the right.

Credits that each payment is worth is as follows:

1 credit – DreamTrips Monthly Fees
2 credits – DreamTrips Life Monthly Fees
2 credits – International DreamTrips Life Monthly Fees
3 credits – Luxury DreamTrips Monthly Fees
1 credit – DreamTrips U



Double Cycle Bonus: Any weekly team bonus cycles a Representative achieves within the first eight weeks of signing-up will be doubled.

Personal Sales Bonus: When a Representative personally sponsors six (6) new Customers within a rolling calendar of four (4) full weekly pay periods or less, he/she will earn a $250 Personal Sales Bonus, and $100 training dollars. There is no limit on the number of bonuses per month or per week.

Director Bonus: If a representative reaches the rank of director within 12 weeks of enrollment, he or she will be awarded a $2,500 director bonus. (possible with 180 representatives in the binary network, Average of 15 new signups per week required)

Dreamcar Bonus: WorldVentures will give up to $600 (Qualified Representative) to cover a car payment, once a representative has met the qualification benchmarks. (please refer to compensation plans for further requirements) Note: WorldVentures will only payout the value of the monthly car payment. That being said, try to get the monthly payment as close to $600 as possible.

Car must be a silver BMW, year 2002 or newer. Vehicle must have a WorldVentures sticker on it. Stickers sold separately.

Dreamhouse Bonus – International Marketing Directors are eligible for up to $3000 towards a mortgage payment. Please note that WorldVentures will only payout the total monthly mortgage payment, no more than $3000.


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